~February 15th, 2014~  iCleave. daily MARRIAGE prayers

27“But I say to you who hear: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28bless those who curse you, and pray for those who spitefully use you.” ~ (Luke 6:27-28)

Thank you Father for this day and for the favor and miracles that you have designed for my husband/wife. Our Marriage is your idea, and in my heart and mind I do not take this idea lightly. I admit that I have been wronged or spitefully used by others in and through this life you chose for me. Today I seek your power to help me move pass any un-forgiveness, any grudges and any ill-will that may be hindering the Holy Spirit to come into my heart and life and reassure me of the purpose that is designed for my life. I realize that my ability to forgive is connected to your ability to move in my life in a miraculous way. Teach me how to pray for those who hate me and I ask Father that you bless those who have intentions to curse me or spitefully use me. Take my ways and “nail” them to the cross. Any indiscretions, and error of ways that I may be walking in, even in this moment, I ask that you cleanse my heart so that I may walk in true honor as your child. Most importantly that I will not be holding any ought against my husband/wife even in this very moment. Our family legacy depends on my ability to surrender and forgive, I realize that I am not required to befriend or welcome them into my fold again, but I do realize that I am required to release any stronghold of un-forgiveness that I have towards any man/woman to you now. This is a cleansing prayer, a prayer of surrender that will catapult my Faith into an exceptional abundance of Favor with you. I realize that upon my truth, and honest release that it will please you Father, but most importantly this release will free my soul from any harm, bondage, lies and untruths that the enemy attempts to separate me from my faithful assignment as a dedicated husband/wife. Thank you for prayer. Thank you for my enemies, and thank you that they are receiving your love even as I pray for them. Soften their hearts as you are softening mine, so that we all can hear your voice say, “You are Forgiven”. I ask this and all blessings, in Jesus holy and righteous name I pray. ~Amen~



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