Vday5On this the eve of what this “fallen-world” chooses to call Valentine’s day, we are reminded of those husbands and wives and men and women, who have yet to surrender to the “bloody”-battle of God’s Heart transplant…… We realize that “one-day” can’t change the course of a marriage that may be “down in the dumps” or has grown stagnant, or even a husband and wife, who can’t remember where their love got lost……., nor can a box of chocolates, or a dinner-date, change the awful truths of mistrust, jealousy, infidelity, or a passion for each other that has grown dormant. We recognizes all too well that, many times the world’s way is to place a Band-Aid, or an ace bandage, on a wound as a “temporary-fix”.  This type of triage is happening in marriages all over the world today. In order for marriage to continue in an honest state of godly truth, Marriage requires two wounded individuals to be willing to surrender to a daily Heart-Transplant, with the only Dr, on-call being God Himself……Let us explain…….

Vday3Many of you have been in a place in your marriage where things were not going the best and some of you can maybe even remember those friends that were experiencing some “tough” trials in their marriages, and you felt like finally someone else gets it. Did you offer them an ear to listen?? Were you eager to take your “brother” out for drinks?? Did you offer to take your sister-friend” out for a drive so that she could clear her head??? You see friend,  a true Heart-Transplant in marriage doesn’t just take one person, it takes many……Many surrendered individuals who will ALL come alongside each other and not only support your marriage and the choices that you both make, but hold you BOTH accountable to all that God is revealing as He carves His best out of your hearts. As surrendered husbands and wives, God will cause us to daily  change our thinking as to what our position is as a committed husband or wife, and He will also begin to heal those wounds that may have lay dormant since we were children……Vows4

This post is not to place negativity on a day that represents love, we love Valentine’s Day, and cannot wait to the snow melts here in Atlanta so we can have our date-night. We’re human to remember!!  …..but….. After the chocolates are eaten, and the dinner bill has been paid, and the balloons & flowers have lost their luster and life, and the sexual satisfaction of a great night of passion subsides….we’ll all wake up and we all will still have to choose to cleave according to Genesis 2:24.

Valentine’s Day gives many a husband and wife, an opportunity to show their outward appreciation for an inward feeling in their heart. We would argue that many a dollar has been spent on these outward expressions, only to result in many men and women, doing worldly  satisfying then Godly surrender…… imagesIVB6K6C7Now…Now….stay with us..we are not being Scrooges the day before Valentine’s Day and please by all means, purchase, if you haven’t already, “Your Boo”, “Your Sweetness”, or whatever you call him/her that special token of love….but before you hand that gift over, or sign that card….say a special prayer of surrender to God, thanking him for not only sending you the one your heart loves, but let God know how grateful you are for the heart-transplant that He is doing in and through your life daily…Happy Cleaving…. Now, let us pray…

Damask2iCleave. ™ ~February 12th, 2014~ husband&wife daily marriage prayer 

~I found the one my heart loves. – Song of Solomon 3:4~ My heart loves the one that you have chosen for me. Thank you Father that like the love letter as writing in Song of Songs, I too can appreciate the fact that my heart loves my husband/wife. As the day comes where the world celebrates a variation of love, I am immediately convicted to appreciate the marital bliss that can only be shared between my husband/wife and I. Continue to show us our hearts for one another daily. Search my heart and revel to me any area where I need a heart-transplant and renew a right spirit in me. I declare that this valentines’ eve, I will expect a miracle in my marriage. Any place in my heart that has been hardened by past hurts or disappointments, please renew it and awaken in this moment new eyes to see my husband/wife, new ears to hear him/her speak, and a new body in which to share those intimate moments of touch and feel, where He/She and I can explore our surrendered souls to one another in love from this moment forward.  Forgive me Father if I have not accepted my Marriage the way you created it to be. There are so many opportunities to get it right daily and I choose this prayer to begin the NEW work designed for our love right now.  Now, I realize that even as I pray for my marriage there may be another husband or wife who may be seeking a miracle for their married love and I lay down my issues before you in this prayer and intercede with a warm heart for those marriages right now. I declare your miracle-working power to reign for Husbands and Wives all over this world, that each of them will accept your undying love and recall as they walk together in Holy Matrimony as you resurrect not only the love shared between husband and wife, but their individual love to Jesus Christ!  Transform marriages today into the love that you created them to be. Teach us as husband and wife to trust the guidance and nudging of the Holy Spirit that will instruct us on how to forgive quickly, love selflessly and serve one another in a humble submission as Christ also loved the church. Miracles are happening all around us, slow each of us down as your covenant married husbands and wives, to walk daily in the Genesis 2:24 model of marriage this and every day….. ‘til death do us part, We ask these and all blessings……~In Jesus name we pray, Amen


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