iCleave.™~”It’s our Anniversary”

itsouranniversaryIt’s our Anniversary! Many of you have come alongside us and are moving in and through this process of Leaving & Cleaving and we certainly appreciate your commitment……….. Anniversaries are special and so is the covenant that each of us uniquely share as husband & wife. Many lives have been blessed by our prayers…as well as changed by our Social Media feeds or our Blog Posts. As we celebrate our Anniversary today we are both reminded of how important it is to love each other even when we don’t feel like it……….. Let us explain…….

Anniversary2Anniversaries, dates that are remembered or celebrated because of a special or notable event has occurred in the previous year…… The Latin root meaning of Anniversary –anniversarium – annus (year) +versus (to turn) , anniversaries not only represent a new turn but it is an opportunity to celebrate a year’s worth of marriage…..  We started this work when we realized that our married “circle of friends”, had changed……. God had allowed us council some close friends through infidelities, and mistrust, also during this time, He had moved  our family to a new church home, and our previous church ministry had suffered from a divorce in covenant, and also a divorce in leadership….we realized that it was truly time to support and enlarge the marriage platform…… as husband and wife, we truly were sick and tired of the “D” (divorce)…….so we accepted the voice of God that we heard and knew that He would use us to glorify  marriage and we would intercede for  marital longevity, truths and love,  under God’s instructions as,  iCleave.™.

iDoLeaving and Cleaving, we believe,  is all a part of God’s plan. It is not by coincidence that 2 chapters into the bible we read in Genesis verse 24, the amazing declaration and foundational truth God set for marriage…… “A man shall leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife”.   Listen, this post is NOT to be judgmental, we realize that we live in a fallen world…..nor are we against severing a tie from a relationship that results in physical harm, or saying you remain in a relationship where you or your family’s life is in danger, we are not saying that at all. We believe God for grace in all those types of situations, and choose to pray daily for those types of situations all the time. We know for sure that, our call is to “nurse” those marriages back to life,  that have even the smallest “beacon” of light, so that God can get the glory in and through all of it! We support and are called to support and build healthy marriages. That’s it!  Nothing more, or nothing less.  Through our daily prayers, blog posts, marriage retreats, we allow our readers to take an intimate “peek” into our lives and personal experiences and callings that God has uniquely applied for our marriage.  ThankYouPurple Thank you for walking with us, we truly believe that we are not alone. Your marital longevity means a lot to us, and we recognize that you and your husband/wife, may be affected in somewhat of the same ways that we are…..so like any friend would do…we want to live out our testimony with you.  Thank you for praying with us, sharing us with your married, single, or 2nd time around friends,  and on this our wedding anniversary we are so grateful that we have a whole set of NEW husbands and wives, who trust and believe that marriage is still popular.  We are so thankful to God that you’ll celebrate our days and  nights, ups & downs, good times and bad with us! That’s what real life is all about!  So………,  thank you! Thank you for standing for your marriage and believing God with us, for the best marriages of this lifetime…..… Thank you for the Anniversary wishes, Tweets, Emails, and Facebook posts, you both are a joy! We realize that prayer doesn’t change God’s mind, it changes the hearts and minds of our lives as husband and wife….so with that said, Happy Anniversary to us, and a very Happy Wednesday to you….. Let us pray……..

iCleave.™. ~February 12th, 2014~ husband&wife daily marriage prayer Oh gracious and humble God, thank you for choosing us to stand for the Holy and righteous covenant of marriage. Your word states in Genesis 2:24, “A man shall leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife”.  Teach us both how to leave and cleave to each other daily. Father we understand that no human knows how to love perfectly only you have the power to do this in and through our lives daily.  The sanctity and identity of marriage is reflected in the love that we share as husband and wife daily. Teach us how to love more perfectly and deepen our relationship with you so that our commitment as husband and wife will be “knitted” uniquely together so that everyone we meet and minister to, will trust that Marriage between husband and wife is still popular. Help us to celebrate not just a 12-month anniversary, but to live each day in full adoration of what your covenant love for a husband and wife looks like…… As a faithful husband/wife, teach me how to trust your will for my marriage, and how to fill the needs of my wife/husband and show me how to love my cherished companion in a way, where your kingdom will be glorified through the love that we share…..may we be totally honest, and faithfully committed, to the intimacy, legacy, and call to serve each other selflessly as husband and wife, I ask this prayer in Jesus name…….Amen!



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