iCleave.™  husband&wife  daily Marriage Prayer ~February 7th, 2014~

Dear God, there is an epidemic in this world today, that has taken the sanctity and order of Marriage and transformed it into chaos, and selfish desire. I want to take this prayer that I am humbly bowing to you and asking that you deliver those marriages that are near me to know the power that you have designed for their married love. Often times, couples are embarrassed to share what they are going through and fail to realize how much you already know of their internal struggles. I come to you today interceding for the couple that may be considering separation, where the traumatic finality of divorce may settle in. I ask that you Father, whisper a word of comfort and truth in those marriages that may be struggling with trust, honesty and commitment. There are many distractions and evil spirits attacking husbands and wives. I ask you to humble take this prayer and shift the Marriage platform into a place where Husbands & Wives are on one accord and their families are benefiting from your Glory. Take those marriages in and around me and mold them into a new thing. Mold them into a godly representation of what Marriage should be. A marriage where your presence is paramount in and through their love as husband and wife.  “giving-up” & “quitting” are a sign of INDEPENDENCE, and selfish desire. Speak a covenant commitment anointing over every husband and wife this day. Thank you for this day and this moment to pray this prayer. I surrender my marriage to you. Asking you to show my husband/wife how I can grow to be a better helpmate towards her/him. I declare that Marriages are no longer under attack, and the love that you created for me as a faithful husband/wife, will benefit and grow your kingdom into what you strategically designed it to be. I intercede for Marriages this day, and pray that my husband/wife will agree and be strengthened by this prayer, I ask these and all blessings, In Jesus Name, ~Amen


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