~February 5th, 2014~

4Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes

from the mouth of God.’ ~Matthew 4:4

Dear God,

Thank you for allowing our Marriage to be the righteousness of God. The truth as Jesus stated in Matthew 4:4, stated that man shall not live by bread alone.  As Christian believers we are to look differently, we are to live differently, and to be motivated and trusting of your holy and faithful word. There is none like you. Marriage is and always will be a “good –thing” created by you for the truth. And light of the kingdom. Forgive us if we have taken this responsibility lightly and made it a crutch of selfish desire and selfish service that only benefits our own households and does not change the lives and community in and around us. Teach us how to be Husbands & Wives that are filled with the salt & light of the earth, trusting your power to transform our past, and encourage our legacy to believe that Marriage still Matters and God at the center of Married love is the deciding factor for its overall success. Forgive us for holding un-forgiveness against our fellow Brothers or Sisters. Teach us how to love righteously and live holy unto you. Marriage is fun. Being a Husband is worthy. Being a wife is worth, all worthy to you. Clear our minds of worldly desires, and accolades & fill us with the purpose that is uniquely designed for us as Husband & Wife. Where there is un-forgiveness, or resentment in our hearts, tear down those walls piece by piece and allow us to be free to hear your voice of instruction. Teach us how to Love each other the way you love us daily. Show us our unique POWER that can only be activated together, and let us never grow apart. We ask these and all blessings….. In Jesus Name, Amen


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