~February 2nd, 2014~ iCleave.™ husband&wife  Daily Marriage Prayer

Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled; for fornicators and adulterers God will judge. ~Hebrews 13:4~

Thank you Father for the life that we share as Husband and Wife. Teach us both how to understand and trust the importance of how much are covenant vows are to your kingdom. Father, I come before you humbly today to ask you to teach me how to NOT take our union as husband and wife for granted. Father, my married bed is to be honorable before you and I trust you right now to transform our married bed into what you created it to be.  I trust you to make our intimacy and our married bed a unique design that will elevate and accentuate the love that we share as man and woman.   Thank you for allowing me to share open physical affection with my husband/wife, and to not be selfish or self-conscious about how I display my love towards him/her.  Father, if for any reason I have been showing my husband/wife a lack of affection, and likewise my wife/husband the same towards me.  I decree today that you bring us both into a covenant balance of intimacy, sexual satisfaction, physical affection, and open communication, to allow us to build our love for in Marriage for one another daily. I declare this day, that any of my previous habits of negative affection, or lack thereof towards my faithful wife/husband are rebuked in Jesus name. I seek your help to replace these areas with, endless sexual fulfillment, gentle touches, kisses of love, tender massages, and open public affection that would please you and your kingdom assignments. May the power of the Holy Spirit rest in the midst of our Marriage, our Marriage Intimacy and the sexual intimacy that was created only to be shared between husband and wife. I surrender my marriage and accept the transformation that you are doing transform the both of us into the Husband and Wife, you affectionately called us to be. In Jesus Name I pray ~Amen


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