~February 1st, 2014~

28Now, O Lord God, You are God, and Your words are truth, and You have promised this

 good thing to Your servant. – (2Samuel 7:28)

Purpose is defined as: A result or effect that is intended or desired

“Also you shall purposely pull out for her some grain from the bundles and leave it that she may glean,

and do not rebuke her.” – (Ruth 2:16) NASB

 Father thank you for the example that the future husband Boaz, gave unto his future wife Ruth in the field which led to provision being dropped in front of her on “purpose” daily. As a covenant and committed husband/wife, I too trust that my husband/wife has my best interest at heart, and that he/she understands that I need him/her to support me in the purpose that you have aligned for my life. Thank you that this is not only a biblical example of provision for Marriage, but it is also an example of how God provides our individual needs daily. “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” – (Philippians 4:19) NASB  Marriage is a team in which my responsibility as a faithful husband/wife must be in direct alignment with what God has planned for me daily. If I choose to keep my eye and my faith on you God then the closer my relationship with my wife/husband will be. My prayer is to walk with a clean and pure heart daily, not harboring any un-forgiveness or ill-will against anyone. If I hold any of this in my life, I will repent and seek forgiveness.  I will trust your word and wisdom to provide for my every need and to make any place within my life and my Marriage straight. I commit my actions to you so that you can get the glory in all that I do. The more I purposely serve my Marriage, in Jesus name, the more of an intimate and close-knit relationship my husband/wife & I become. Marriage was your idea. The provisions that we desire as Husband & Wife, for our Marriage is in direct alignment with how we spend time with you in your biblical word. Forgive me Father if all I seek is your hand and what you can do for me, this is not what relationship is about. Forgive me if all I seek from my Husband/Wife is what she/he can do for me and not spending time with her/him and showing her/him how much she/he means to me, this is not what you created Marriage to be.  Love in Marriage is a selfless service and must be incorporated and worked on daily. I surrender my Marriage unto you. I ask you Father to transform my heart and my purposeful intentions to line-up with the instructions that you have for my life and destiny. I Love my Husband/Wife, and I Love the intimate relationship that you have designed for my life of Faith with you. Teach me how to balance both my Faith in Christ and my Marriage, so that both will glorify the kingdom, now, and for generations to come. I humbly ask this and all prayers in Jesus name I pray……. Amen


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