Marriage PrayerToday on our FACEBOOK page God gave us a revelation of the many times that we have done or said this……..

Truly, it is imperative that you be a husband/wife of your word…..When you say, “I’ll be praying for you”……Do it!  Intercession is REAL, and many of US need your fervent prayers to make our Marriages truly work!

We were so convicted when God revealed this to us, as we remember and can recall the many couples that follow our blog and the many couples that seek our prayers for their marriages or just their lives. Not only did we have to repent, but we had to go back on our BLOG, and make sure that we had answered and responded to each prayer requests that was out there…..Luckily we had…. but what about those who can’t go back, or may have even forgotten that request that was so important within the moment but now seemed to have slipped your mind…..

111313_2042_Day1321day5.jpgWe too have been there, and apart of us thinks that is where the Daily Marriage Prayers truly generated from. A selfless Prayer life, dedicated to trusting that God’s power could make our marriage that much better,  So we ask you this week to not only say you’ll pray for one another but truly place some intentional action behind your words…….We posted ion yesterday’s blog that we are adding some new things to our iCleave., page and updates. We’ll be adding digital video prayers, testimonials, and a marriage prayer wall, as well as activating prayer chains for those husbands and wives in our communities to come alongside them in prayer……. Look!, we have been behind the scenes long enough it’s time that you truly get a chance to meet & greet  us and we can TRULY pray together for all that God will do for our Marriages together………’111913_1905_Day1821days2.jpg

So, remember if you said that you would pray for your husband/wife or even another married couple in your circle…STOP what you are doing and BE intentional about your prayers, intercession is real………not only do THEY need your prayers, but YOU need your prayers too. Remember…… “Prayer changes YOUR mind and not God’s!”  –Happy Cleaving!!!

Damask2Pray w/Us…

~January 31st, 2014 iCleave.™  husband&wife DAILY marriage prayer  Father, teach me how to truly be a husband/wife of my word. My marriage suffers when I am not aggressively intentional with my prayers for my husband/wife or those in and around our lives who may need me to be “standing in the gap” for their marriages, families, life situations and faith. Prayer is not only an opportunity for me to be in relationship with You, but it is also an opportunity for me to show my selfless love for another. Forgive me for those times when I have said that I would pray for another and never have. Forgive me for those times, when I was to stop what I was doing and PRAY immediately for a situation going on in my husband’s/wife’s life and I ignored the urging of the Holy Spirit in my life. This is not just a feeling, this is a requirement of those who say we confess you as our Lord and Savior. Take my heart and continue to shape and mold it into all that you created me to be. Show me any area in my life where I have failed to be a true representation of God’s humble love, and help me to learn and accept that prayer may not change a person’s situation, but it will ultimately help me to accept whatever sovereign decision you make in and for their lives. I desire a new prayer life and trust that it will begin with today’s prayer of surrender to you. Thank you for the life that you have chosen for my husband/wife and I and thank you for the ability to pray without ceasing. In Jesus Name, Amen!


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