~January 30th, 2014~
The Great “I AM”……..
VowsGod created marriage we truly understand that and some of us are constantly “questioned” for our beliefs our faith and even the love that we share as man and woman under God’s Holy Covenant. Today we posted on our Instagram feed a statement urging husbands and wives to begin again with the GOD that solidified the covenant bond on their wedding day…………….
Many married husbands and wives are  experiencing tumultuously times, stretching towards uncomfortable circumstances that are not only requiring them to be faced with turning to each other for consistent guidance and communication, but these times are making these same men and women “drop to their knees” in selfless surrender trusting the great “I AM’s” power in and through their lives.  We are actually in that same place in our own marriage. You see iCleave.™, is not just for you and your marriage, these posts and prayers have been “therapy” for our marriage too! But guess what, God is revealing to us all His plans and purpose for all of our marriages……in saying this,  God has revealed to us that we can only stay on this level for so long before He moves us to another level…….inasmuch as we would like to stay “right” here all warm and fluffy, and comfortable in praying for your marriages daily, and updating our social media and blog about  our own marriages, it’s time to TRULY be the hands & feet of the great “I AM”.   Vows2We believe that marriage exists to teach every husband and wife how to walk daily in selfless surrender to the call of covenant vows within marriage, this love is an agape love that can only be powered by the ability to allow God to manifest Himself in your life daily. You see it’s time that men and women begin to stand for God and the faith that the covenant vows stand for, and we have decided that iCleave.™ , is a representation of that Agape love. The love shared between man and woman is not just an opportunity to procreate or live together under an intimate love, this is an opportunity to show the POWER and strength of faith between husband and wife.
Vows4We are so honored that you are here with us on this journey as we grow our marriage lessons and share them with you. The great “I AM” is stretching us into all that He has desired us to be, and that began 2 years ago with a post of frustration seeking God’s guidance for our marriage……. from that day to this one, we have allowed Him to move in this work of love like never before, choose today to pray not only for the love you and your husband/wife share, but join us in praying for all of the Christian Marriage platforms that are truly seeking the great “I AM” to place marriages back on the platform that God created it to be…….   “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh” –Genesis 2:24. Marriage Prayer Praying that the life and marriage that God chose for you will be changed because of the work He is doing through iCleave. , and that you will not just read and keep this to yourselves, many marriages survive when they are surrounded by those who are godly examples of married love……….. Pray with us…… Damask2
Prayer2Father God in Heaven today is a day of Thanksgiving, not only for this day that you blessed me with, but for the day years ago that I chose to recite the words, “I Do” in front of you and those witnesses accepting my choice to marry my husband/wife. Thank you for iCleave, and that many Christian marriage platforms that not only honor you as the core and covenant power of married love. But I also pray especially today for the married love shared between a man and a woman accordingly to your Holy word as stated in Genesis 2:24.  These men and women who have chosen to make their “life work” dedicated to the AGAPE love that marriage between husband and wife represents.  I speak a special blessing of favor over each of their lives as they use the many platforms to make Marriage Popular in this fallen world. Take my heart and my purpose and reveal to me any area where I can be used in the circles around my family, my church and my community to reveal the Love of God exists daily. Thank you for a husband/wife who understands that marriage is a daily surrender of selfless love, which can only be powered by a submission to you God. Stretch the love that we share as husband and wife into realms of thinking where many will be blessed by the faith, trust, hope, persevering love that he/she and I share daily.  God, I realize that you are up to something very unique and different in my life and through my marriage. The great “I AM” is stretching our married love like never before, and I submit my life to you this day, and trust that through this vessel, a marital covenant can be glorified,  and your strength and power will be glorified. In Jesus Name, I pray…….. Amen!  -January 30th, 2014-



One thought on “iCleave.”

  1. Please pray for my wife Pasha, and my daughters Amanda and Ashley in Anchorage Alaska. We are going through a very difficult time. Please support us by saying a special prayer that He will give us guidance to get through this… and God willing, we can be reunited soon and begin to display the forgiveness and love He expects from us. I ask for His love to fill us, and to protect this marriage and family…. so we can move forward in a way that would make Him proud.

    thank you,


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