Texting……. Blessing or a CURSE?????

Text2Well……..Happy Sunday to you and prayers you are reading this in a state of peace that only God can give to you and yours…….where we are it is a Sunday afternoon and we are returning from our weekly worship service we wanted to share with you how our morning was…….To be honest. It was interesting! Have you or your husband/wife been on the way to church and a full-fledge break down happens on the way to worship God??? Well….let us elaborate….heard of the saying, “read ½ of what you see and none of what you hear”….well we have….Let’s back-up a minute…PhonesWe are a family who prides ourselves on communication, face-to-face, family game night, date nights, and absolutely no cell phones at the dinner table or when we are dining out at restaurants. Let it be known that communication is an important part of our family’s dynamic, heck, we would go a step further and say that communication is important to ALL family dynamics….but…back to our story this morning, all is well, we arrive to church safely and get our seats and as we power up all of our devices to hear the teachings to teach and follow along, ….and then it happened……Yep, a text message appeared on  his/her device that we began to take out of context. (You choose the him or her as we are not telling who’s device it was, we’ll let you place yourself in our shoes….SMILE) ………….anywho, basically it was from a person of the opposite sex who he/she considers a friend who the other did not know about. Stay with us……., TextHave you ever been placed in a position where things were taken out of context and you drew conclusions without having all the facts?? Yes, we all have….we wanted to give you this scenario this am, because many marriages are busting from the seams with communication being made between MARRIED husbands & wives who  are exchanging texts, and photos, with other men/women who they say are just friends…… Are you with us???   Listen, all of us are mature adults who walk around with all this access and communication that clearly is a form of distraction when used in the wrong text and can be very useful when used the right way. Here’s our question?? Are text messages between MARRIED men/women with the opposite sex okay???  We think so, and understand that within reason it is alright.   Thinking1Back to the text…….it was nothing…..as a matter of fact it was from a colleague that he/she met years ago that was in search of information on a job opportunity within the wife’s/husband’s profession. So the message came from his/her phone but was for the wife/husband…so you see how messages can be misconstrued…. We wanted to put this out there to hear your feedback before we send today’s prayer so you can walk with us not only through our marriage, but to hear your thoughts……Dialogue and communication is important, and our prayer is that you would let us hear your voices too…..

Can anybody relate to this scenario????


3 thoughts on “Texting……. Blessing or a CURSE?????”

  1. I completely agree texts are ok
    “within reason”, but that’s not always understood. I have had to address this so many times within my marriage. It’s always a different friend popping up every month. When you allow those friendly conversations to go into a more personal/sexual manner,that’s when the problem arise.


    1. Yes! Thank you so much for your response. The sad part is that many are still so very secretive in marriage and not transparent and you are correct this can lead to a world of trouble! So glad that this happened so we could check the “temperature” of our marriage communication!
      Blessings to you and praying for you BOTH always!!


  2. My situation was a little different but it causes us to be careful and to set boundaries and to guard our hearts. This was so hurtful and it was a really tough time for me to say the least. I pray me sharing will help someone else. Excessive (60,70, 80 minute convos multiple times per week)Phone conversations and text messages with a “mutual friend” caused severe infraction about six-seven months ago. They were never when I was around of course. I felt some distance between us before I discovered that these conversations were going on. Something just wasnt right in my spirit. Long story short my husband was unaware what was happening. They allowed the enemy to pervert the relationship so much so that my husband began to doubt wanting to be married to me after telling me it was just phone conversations. I asked him to just stop talking to her altogether that is when he felt like he just could not stop talking to her. I was devasted 13 years of marriage and you allow a stranger to come between us? After Much prayer and combat and warring for my marriage and severing what I believe was an ungodly soul tie. The process began to bring restoration. What a journey it has been. As painful as it was I was still able to see God in it. I thank God for saints that prayed with me and for us. Leadership as well I am grateful. So this ministry is on of the daily regimines that helps to maintain and stand against the attacks that try to come against my marriage and all marriages. Thank you for your obedience icleave!


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