~iCleave.™ Husband&Wife daily prayer~ January 26th 2014 Father, thank you for the selfless love that we share as husband and wife. The love that is uniquely “knitted” together by the only person who could orchestrate a love life ours. Many times in marriage husbands and wives are asked to love without all the details….communicate without all the facts, and listen without saying a word. Teach him/her and me how to walk in truth with one another daily. There are many distractions in marriage that cause our lives to be inundated with outside distractions that may ruin the special time that  we have cultivated together as husband and wife. Teach me to not jump to conclusions when I don’t have all of the facts, and learn how to listen to my husband/wife intently to hear the facts that they are attempting to get across to me. Arguments and confusion arise when we as two selfless individuals are not able to listen intently to the other’s truth. Marriage is a platform that he/she and I share daily and many lessons are reflected as the days and weeks and years go by.  Help me to push through the lessons with a teachable heart, realizing that marriage takes two…..neither of us are victims and we both must understand what is truly the core values of our married love. You are at the core of our love Father and it is God’s power that moves through me teaching me how to be his/her patient example of what loves truly means…….Let the love that we have for each other be rooted in strong values and patience, help us to move in tune with one another trusting that your power will build both our characters as husband and wife…….May this prayer cleanse me like never before, and prepare my heart to receive the love and the honest correction that you give to your sons and your daughters…..I surrender my life and my marriage to you this day Father, to change and transform me into the dedicated husband/wife that you have called me to be….I ask this prayer in Jesus name……Amen….


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