iCleave.™ husband&wife Daily Marriage Prayer  ~January 25th, 2014~

thinking3“Wisdom for my Marriage” Wisdom comes daily to those who are willing to surrender to the ALL true God who instructs us to live according to His word. There are many ideas and opportunities to walk in wisdom, and as husband and wife, it is better to err on the side of wisdom that “go at it” alone……….Marriage is indeed an opportunity for men and women to get together from two unique backgrounds and two very unorthodox upbringings and build a love ever-lasting on this one truth! Marriage is Forever. thinking2Learning that the wisdom that it takes to fall madly in love takes a millisecond, but what we have learned over the test and trials in our own marriage is the “falling in love is east, it’s staying in love that matters……… Have you found the wisdom you need to stay in love?? You see we have made it our daily motto in our marriage, to ask ourselves, “how can I be a better husband/wife today?” This requires a look not only in the mirror, but maybe even an honest conversation to receive the other person’s opinion on how a situation could have been handled differently……Yes, Yes, …we know……Life is NOT just MY way or the HIGHWAY, marriage takes a loving selfless heart DAILY willing to die to ones own habits……..Pray.Wait??? I pray you don’t think that we have arrived at this place yet?? Good! Because, even this ministry is a reflection of how DAILY we seek God in our own marriage through prayer for His clarity and His will for both our lives….let’s just be brutally honest,  in MARRIAGE, we believe, KNOW GOD, KNOW Marriage, without God we truly believe that NO GOD, NO MARRIAGE, PERIOD!  So seek wisdom today with us friend, we know that maybe you are in a place where you are the only one praying, or maybe even you are the only person in the marriage that wants a marriage this week….Hey! don’t let the blog fool you, we have been right where you are, so that is what today’s prayer will be the best for you…don’t learn on your own understanding, Trust God’s will for your position in your marriage 1st! thinking5As a faithful husband/wife, you must recognize that the only position you can change is your own…trust that like God is changing you, He has His anointed hands on your husband/wife too! (Praise God!), so like everyday, we’re right here with you…covering you in prayer, trusting God’s will for your life and your marriage, and believing with you that God’s BEST is YET to come in all of our lives and marriages….. Happy Cleaving Friend, xoxo -iCleave



Let us Pray………

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. 6But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 7That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. ~ (James 1:5-7)  Marriage was your idea God. I stand firm this day seeking your guidance and your instructions as to how you want me to serve my husband/wife for the rest of my life. Marriage is selfless and I understand that it is not my expectations that are at the forefront of our Married love but your expectations placed in and through us as Husband & Wife. Take my heart and my mind this moment as I surrender my marital expectations of my husband/wife at your feet. There are areas in my life that I need to work through and only you can provide me the knowledge and direction as to how I must walk as a committed participant in this our covenant love. My marriage vows that I spoke in front of you are etched in the spirit realm and I vow to be committed to them daily. Teach me how to live by your wisdom and your understanding and not my own. Show me how to stand firm in trusting your will for me as a committed husband/wife knowing that you give wisdom in marriage generously not holding anything from me based on my past issues, sins or indiscretions. You see me as your child, through the eyes of your on Jesus. Take my Marriage and transform our Love into a little bit of “Heaven on Earth” as we walk together in our marriage commitment together, forever as Husband and Wife. I ask these and all Blessings, in Jesus name, I pray Amen~thinking4


2 thoughts on “iCleave.”

  1. THANK YOU for this blog post. I really needed to hear that right now. I’m currently going through so much in my marriage right now. My husband had left me and the kids and didsaid it was over. I know we’ve been habit some problem for a long while now but nothing that would cause yes to be separated. I’m still praying for us and our marriage. But i also feel torn…should I pray for my husband if he has an unwilling heart? I wish someone could give me the answers. This post came right on time. Prayy for me and I will continue to pray for all of you.


    1. WOW, we take no credit….this is truly a labor of love! Look….Please know that this post, our blog and this mission is NOT for show, or apart of a platform that is seeking vanity! Truly, no one has time for that! Friend, marriage is serious business and we do NOT take the fact that Marriages all around the world are under attack. If we stand by and allow the ENEMY to take our husbands and wives away then we’re not TRULY trusting the resurrecting POWER of the one who saved us all!
      Now, we don’t know what the future holds for your marriage, but what we know for sure is that trusting in GOD’s will never fails! Rest friend, know that GOD has you exactly where He wants you…totally and fully dependent upon Him. We are praying with and for you daily…..keep your eyes on GOD now and NOT your husband, as easy as it is to point out all the faults, God is trying to show YOU…YOU! Let Him in………We promise, you won’t be the least bit disappointed…He takes care of His sons and daughters!! So, thank you for your transparent heart…..God knows exactly what ALL of our marriages need……. Rest well friend….God is hidden in ALL of the details….Promise! xoxo – iCleave.


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