110513_2158_Day521days2.jpgFather God, as I make my mark on yet another day, I come before you saying, “Thank You”. Thank You for my health and strength and the ability to love my husband/wife, the way that you created me to love them. I realize in this moment that I was created to be my husband’s/wife’s  unique addition to his/her life and I do not take my position lightly!  I thank you Father for  trusting me with the instructions encompassed in this day, and I am so very thankful that you chose me to carry-out every assignment that was prepared uniquely for me. Teach me how to take the “good” moments and even in the midst of the darkest circumstances, use those moments to keep me grounded and humbled, realizing that the same love you have for me, is in fact the same love that you have for my husband/wife. Thank you for teaching me today, to be patient in all of my expectations and to wait on the Lord, for all of my happiness. I may be married to him/her, but my peace that surpasses all understanding comes without the shadow of a doubt from you. There is no other Love like God’s love, and the love you have for my  Marriage is Priceless.  Each moment today, there were many opportunities to show the love you created for us as husband and wife, if I was obedient, I give glory to you, if I was not, I repent and ask your forgiveness and grace to see me through another day of learning. Thank you for  instructing  my steps and forgiving us daily for any sins that we may have committed knowing, or unknowingly. Protect us from making selfish decisions where mistakes and LIFE-CHANGING errors can cause damage to our marital future. Keep us honest. Keep us hopeful. Keep us faithful and most importantly keep us COMMITTED & DEDICATED to the Vows that we spoke to each other when NOBODY else was in the conversation. Teach the both of us as man and woman, to turn to each other when we are anxious and be transparent with our desires, so you can move in and through our Marriage, revealing your POWER to change both our lives. Thank you for all you do for our Love and we surrender our Marriage, our Love, our Family unit to You God, In Jesus Name,  Amen……….



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