Many of our marriages are growing cold, selfish, stagnant, because we have failed to put forth efforts that were extraordinarily designed uniquely for Husbands & Wives.  We read in Matthew 19:4-6, (Matthew 19:4-6 Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’  and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’ ?  So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.“), that TOGETHER we are one. IdoWe must work together as a unit, if there are things that you are doing or participating in where your spouse is NOT involved or does not know about, you MUST seek repentance, and ask God to forgive you and then go find your spouse and tell the truth.   111913_1905_Day1821days4.jpgIn order for TRUE worship and Love & Warmth to return to our Marriages we must be held accountable for all of our actions.   Especially those shared between husband & wife. It is not okay for any conversation to be participated in where your Husband or Wife if present, would feel uncomfortable. Some would even agree that financial responsibilities and any dealings with money are opportunities for Husbands and Wives to gain insight and have healthy conversations. Are you sharing? Are you embarrassed?? Are you telling the WHOLE truth??  Our covenant vows require US as husband and wife to be OPEN, to be HONEST, to tell the TRUTH, no matter the cost.   112013_1811_Day2021days1.jpgToday, meditate on Matthew 19:4-6 if there are areas in your life where there are secrets,  areas where you have disrespected your spouse by participating in conversations unbecoming of a married Husband or Wife….Repent…ask God to reveal them to you and turn from your ways……. The marriage movement needs your obedience to gain momentum in God’s kingdom. We need what your married love together represents. Your children need your obedience and your truth. This married love we’re praying for, will change minds, save the lost, and shift atmospheres…….Take a stand, Today!


~iCleave  Husband&Wife marriage prayer~  January 23rd, 2014  Father God, I come before you today God asking you to clear my mind and my heart of any insecurities that may be attempting to cloud my mind with regards to the marital love me and my husband/wife share. The time that we usually spend together as husband and wife has to be intentional and I am praying and asking that you show me how to carve out special time with my husband/wife that can be uniquely dedicated to just he/she and I.  Our marriage is our special time to shine towards each other and learn what the other needs to support our married love. I especially want to pray to you God that if there is any hindrance, or distraction or wedge that is trying to attack our married love, that you pull it up from the “root”, and destroy it by the blood of Jesus. Marital issues begin between husband and wife when we are not willing to ask you to help us in areas where only your power can change them. Father, please understand that I am not asking you to remove any hard or difficult situation from our lives and marriage, because I do recognize that these situations are here to teach both me and my husband/wife more about our selfish or selfless ways, and also this is a way for us to grow and persevere through life’s adversities. I realize that my marriage is a unique design, only you can hold the pen to draw and orchestrate every idea, and situation and I trust you. Today, I not only pray for my own marital longevity, but I am “standing in the gap”, and praying aggressively for those husbands and wives who are currently being attacked by outside forces, spiritual warfare, or worldly desires,  that may be trying to question or sever their married love.  The love that is shared between husbands and wives is a love that is ever-lasting and my prayer this day is for restoration, peace, joy and favored intimacy in and through every marriage under the sound of my voice. Bring every husband’s/wife’s heart back to the covenant vows that their marriage vows represent. Take every man and woman wearing a wedding ring on this day to know how symbolic and anointed that “symbol” on their left hand is a representation of committed covenant godly married love. Thank you for moving in my life today, and for listening to my prayers. I trust your power to move in my marriage this day, and believe that my marriage gets better as the days and weeks go by. Teach me how to love my husband/wife, the way you created me to love him/her, and may our life together be a life “knitted” together by the love that you have for us all. I ask this prayer in your son Jesus name, I pray Amen!

4 thoughts on “iCleave.”

    1. May the Life that you have chosen for Steve and Mary be directed according to your plans and purpose JESUS may the life that you have chosen them BOTH to lead in MARRIAGE be covered by the BLOOD of JESUS and restoration begins NOW, in Jesus Name AMEN! -iCleave.


  1. I gave been praying for restoration of my marriage. I love Edwin and I believe he loves me. He has grown so distant to the point of sleeping in another room. May be be fully reconciled back unto God and get his priorities straight. I pray his steps be ordered by the Lord. These prayers are so powerful. Thank you so much.


    1. Father God in Heaven only you know what Pam and her husband are going through! We ask that you send peace to their home a peace that surpasses all understanding. We ask that you show them both themselves in YOU, and take their hearts and allow the BOTH of them to receive your love 1st and then in seeking YOU they can turn to YOU for the instructions on how to be a better husband and wife. We pray earnestly tonight for the details that surround their marriage, whether it is forgiveness, honesty, humility, finances, intimacy…..only YOU know what they are going through. Teach Pam how to pray the prayers that come from a humble heart seeking YOUR will and not that of her own, and give her husband a mind, body and spirit to know that you love and walk with him daily! In Jesus name, we pray for your loving restoration of marital love and for two hearts to be totally surrendered to you Jesus forever…..Amen!


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