PrayKnowing the heart of my children……..We are in the midst of many opportunities to lead by example and trust the heart that God has placed in our children. Our sons and daughters are clearly searching and thirsty for some guiding examples of what the Holy Spirit and guidance are…Many parents are placing their own ideas, and idolatries on their children, whether material things, sports desires, or worldly desires that cannot be maintained by a “child-like” heart. We are basically giving our children too much access and too much responsibility too early! Can you relate?? 111613_0106_Day1521days1.jpgOur children are too accessible to the world’s way and do not know how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit! We must teach our children, not instinct, but God’s instinct. They must understand how important God is for us so that WE can show Him how important He is for them!   God is a God of order, He loves the fact that our children are like clay and ready to be molded by the power that is in each of us, but we can’t take this time and use it or abuse it with electronics, cell phones, over-indulgence, or even enabling. Our children are blank canvases “gifts” from God ready to be transformed into all that God instructs us to be. As parents to two sons, and care-givers to a host of nieces we understand the dynamic of our children today. They want to know they matter, and they want to see Jesus in us. 111613_0106_Day1521days4.jpgWhether it is the loud gospel music or the ability to dance to their own drum, we have to go where our children are,  they are, see what they see, and show them the way like only parents can. Take the time today to listen to your son or daughter. Take a moment to close your ears and OPEN your heart and hear God speaking through our children….they need us friend, not only our example of marriage, commitment, and perseverance, but they need to see Love. Give Love today friend, and see where God takes you both! –Happy Cleaving, xoxo –iCleave.™Damask2

~January 19th, 2014~ Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. ~Proverbs 22:6 NIV   Parenting is not just an opportunity to Love something more than you Love yourself. It is an opportunity where you get to see the patience that God has with you daily. Jesus was God’s only son, who He gave to die for your sins. Could you imagine giving up your only child for something that someone else did?? Father, thank you for my ability to be a parent. Now more than ever I understand that patience, peace, and constant prayer that it takes to be a Mother or a Father. This job is not easy, and I now know that with you all things are possible. Many of our children are being trained at home, in brick & mortar schools, in college or even with pastors and co-laborers in the kingdom. Give each of these leaders an added measure of your patience as they move in and through the course of teaching our children. Children are our future and how we raise them and motivate them is a direct reflection of the instructions that you give us as mentors in and through their lives. Teach us how to download your instructions for how we should parent our children, and also how we should participate in the educational instructions that are uniquely designed not only for my children but for the children that will do life directly or indirectly with the children of the future. I stand this day trusting that I will train up my child the way he/she will go and trust your instruction each and every step of the way. I humbly ask this prayer In Jesus Name, ~Amen


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