OG2Hey there! Do you know how unique you are? God created marriage to uplift and encourage the life shared between man and woman. Husbands and Wives are so dynamically compatible that God designed rules and covenant vows around this life! Do you know how lucky we are? Married men and women are strategically placed in their churches, communities, families and homes to be the example of God’s grace and merciful love. og3Our uniqueness, not only affects the love that we share with each other but the love that we have for those in our circles. How effective are you with your marital vows?

Altar-2 “My love, my forever friend, you are the person that I am grateful to God for choosing me to spend my forever, and lifetime with. I vow to love and to cherish you and only you, as long as we both shall live, to honor, love and obey, with God’s covenant vows, to love and cherish in sickness and in health in and through the power of God’s hand in our love and marriage”                                                                                                                      (sample vows iCleave™)

Each of us, including our own wedding encompassed marriage vows that were spoken in true surrender and truth in order to gain the love and extended grace that the hand-of-God could provide for our marriage vows. Take a moment and read ours above, and close your eyes and reflect on why you truly spoke those words in the first place….besides…..today is not over, yesterday is gone, tomorrow will take care of itself, so Today…..say your vows again……in the Present of His presence!—Happy Cleaving!! xoxo   — iCleave™ Damask2

Today’s Husband and Wife Marriage prayer ~January 15th, 2014~ God you know me, you created me and as Luke 12:7 states,7But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows”. I stand here with a humble heart knowing that my unique position as a covenant husband/wife, must reflect your life and your instructions. I ask you this day to forgive me for not placing your will for my life above my own selfish desires.  My relationship with you must take priority so that I can learn how to be a better Husband/ Wife to my spouse. There are so many contradictions in this world that manipulate my mind into thinking that I am abiding in your word, and listening to what you truly want me to do, that I must remember to keep my eyes on You for my next move in my marriage. Help my husband/wife and I, when either of us have been tricked by the enemy to think that our Marriage is not of importance to you. We are unique in love and my husband/wife & I were hand-picked by you. I come to you head bowed, eyes closed and hands lifted surrendering my Marriage to you. Help us remember that some days our priorities can get out-of-order and I need you to transform me into the Husband/Wife you created me to be. Father, whisper to me instructions on how I MUST make YOUR word a priority, and allow it to manifest itself in my life today. Create in our Marriage a legacy of LONGEVITY, and kingdom Ministry you designed our purpose and life to be. I declare to live from this moment forward, under your covenant vow. I recognize that covenant vows are anointed by your hand and dripping with the oil of forever joy and peace, struggle, and stretching and these are all the things that build Happy Marriages.  I rebuke any thoughts of doubt that lead to the discussion of separation or divorce. Teach us to realize that marriage and the covenant vows that it represents is forever.  Because of my obedience to surrender my Marriage to you, I will now experience a Fresh love, a Fresh joy and a restoration of Fresh intimate God-designed sexual anointing, that can only be shared between Husband & Wife. Father, I surrender all. With a humble heart, I bow in expectancy as you transform my Marriage and allow the Rivers of Blessings to flow in and through our lives, our love and our marital vows this day. I declare that when I speak the words  “I do” in this prayer, that the flow of anointing begins, and that my “I do” will  begin a new transformation into what you created my Marriage to be.  In Jesus Name ~AmenDamask2

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