FaithAsk God to show you HIS faith for your married Love!”   iCleave.™ , is a selfless step of faith  of God’s instructions, founded on the ability to understand that marriage was and still is more than just a wedding! Marriage deals with the daily sacrifice and faith to persevere even when the situations don’t reflect it. Have you been in that place today??  We have found through email letters, social media correspondences and just living our marriage in “circles” and not “pews and rows” of the church that there are many who feel that the Faith of their marriage is a God thing! Married love not only is a reflection of the love Christ had for the church (see, Ephesians 5:25-33 ) In marriage, we must remember to not walk in our own strength for the love that we share as husband and wife. Have you asked God to show you His faith for your 111913_1905_Day1821days2.jpgwife/husband? Millions of opportunities are given to us daily to believe God intently for the Faith that He has for our Marriage. 111313_2042_Day1321day4.pngMarriage is still popular is one of our favorite catch-phrases where many men and women understand how important the life and ability to walk in God’s purpose is for marriage. Have you looked around in your circles to make sure your examples are that of God’s popularity? Ask God to show you His faith for your married love, you’ll be surprised as to what He reveals to you and your husband/wife. Stay tuned, don’t give up just yet, the Best is yet to come…….. Happy Cleaving! ~iCleave

Today’s Prayer for Husbands & Wives-January 14th, 2014— Father thank you for this day and the ability to trust your111713_1726_Day1721days1.jpg will for my life and my marriage. Many times I cannot understand what you are doing in our love or our purpose for married love, but I am remembered how important Marriage is to the work that you are doing around our family.  Faith is not only an ability to trust you always, but it is an opportunity to see you live your BEST life in me.  Teach me how to be a better wife/husband in my marriage, where your love and patience can shine through.  Each day is an opportunity to give even more love and faith to my husband/wife, and I know that I must depend solely on you for this strength. If there is any sin in either one of our lives,, where we are hindering your truth to shine 110113_1251_21daysofM1.jpgthrough I ask that you remove it in Jesus name, and replace that sin with a grace, and peace that will allow me to live a life of obedient covenant submission to my marital vows and the covenant that he/she & I share forever. Teach me how to believe you even when the circumstances don’t look like they are promising and help me to trust your love through me even when I am not lovable. I surrender my marriage to you this day, In Jesus Name, Amen


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