~January 12th, 2014~Accepting God’s will for our life and marriage and family is the most important plan to living our true purpose. Your marriage vows are a part of God’s plan for your life. They are a covenant commitment between two selfless individuals trusting the “hand of God” in andWillOfGod through their lives. Have you created a plan for your life??  Do you feel that God can truly move in and through your home freely??  Having a plan and purpose directed and instructed by God, is directly connected to the very “breath” that you both exhale and inhale daily. Does your marriage reflect God’s plans or those of your own?       wpid-SC20131226-212012-1.jpgMany times we listen and hear, and even get caught up in the sights and sounds of the world not trusting God’s best for our lives. Our time as Husband and Wife is precious as it clearly gives us opportunities to truly give and receive the love of Christ. Are you sharing your true self with the world? Or are you hoping to become a copy of someone else??? Your unique plan and purpose for your family and children can all be directed and instructed by God. Many plans that you have been walking in and towards are not truly those of your own, and you are walking in a repetitive state of frustration trusting that something will change.  We’re praying that you and your husband/wife will use this 12th day of 2014 to turn-over a new leaf and trust God’s best for your lives. “The Vision is yet for an appointed time”, -Habakkuk 2:3 NKJV   In order for us to walk steadfast in the Visions that God has for our lives, our marriage and our family, we must get with God on a daily basis and get under His instructions for His plans for our lives. submission-umbrellasAre you committed?? Many lives and many marriages have fallen by the waste-side based upon “fleshly” plans or no plan at all. Will you make a plan and mission statement for your life and family today? Take a moment and choose to listen to the “beat” of your heart to hear exactly what God’s breath has to say for your life. We need the plans and purpose that is uniquely designed for your life Friend, give it a go today. Don’t allow another day to pass without you asking God, “What do you want me to do for you? & “What move shall I make NEXT in your name?  We hope that once you begin this exercise that you will understand more about your position in marriage, if you are reading this, that means you are still here, which means that your job is not complete! We’re praying for you and your husband/wife friend,, the race is not given to the swift,, God knows all you need, trust His plan in your life today! Happy Cleaving!! ~iCleave.

Prayer for You Today ~January 12th, 2014~ Father God in Heaven, send your Holy Spirit in my life and heart today and show me any area where I am not living my best self. I realize that in order for me to still be here, there is still a job and purpose that you have uniquely designed for me. In order for me to walk in all that you created of me, I desire to be the best husband/wife that you will create through my obedience. Teach me to make the right decisions for my life and to submit to the decisions that my husband/wife is making in and through our home. I realize that submission is clearly ability to honor and obey the instructions that God places in and through our marriage.  In submitting to my husband/wife, I am showing the same submission that was required of Christ when He left the throne of grace to come as man to die for both mine and my husband’s/wife’s sin. Help me to no longer walk in a “copy-cat” version of someone else and teach me how to walk upright in the promises and visions that you have set before me and my life purpose. As long as I am still breathing and on this side of Heaven there is plenty to be done for your Kingdom. Carry our love and our intimacy as husband and wife to levels that are unimaginable and teach us how to be the light in areas where the darkness has prevailed. Where there are lies and confusion, teach me how to speak the truth in love. Where there is Faith and Hope, help me to be know when to come alongside those who need help sharing and building your word of truth. May the love that my husband/wife and I share be that of compassionate forgiveness, where only your peace and tranquility can reside. May the love that you have for me, be transformed in the lives that I meet and the love that we share, ‘til death do us part, In Jesus name, Amen.   Damask2


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