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~January 11th, 2014~Lust begins in the EYES! We must recognize that as married husbands and wives  that we are responsible for training and teaching our flesh how to come in command of our Godly principles. With so much access and capability to smartphones, iPhone, iPad and other distraction devices, there are many images that disturb and destroy godly marriages. We remember a time that we were in a detailed conversation with a few friends and then another wife pulled out her smart phone and began scrolling through, and then the “domino effect” happened as one by one each us followed suit. Before long, the entire room was quiet and no one was talking to one another. Well…that is, until, The Holy Spirit hovered over the room and immediately we were all convicted in the spirit and someone said, “Really??”, “We’re all just going to sit here on our devices?” Yes, we were all convicted!  We laughed, and each of us remembered how important family and friendship was to life. We politely placed our devices in their silent positions and began to fellowship with one another.  Do you too, have a similar situation where you were distracted?? Have you found your time filled more with your devices, instead of God’s devices???  We recognized that to get together for dinner was hard in itself, we’re some busy couples and to be in the same room on the same night together was rare…..were we truly using this time wisely?? iPhones

111613_1331_Day1621days4.jpgWe believe that God has so many opportunities for men and women in their daily walk to not be distracted. Besides, while we are busy looking at our phones we could be in the midst of God’s  divine “Angels, and not even know it. Have you missed having a conversation with an Angel?? Are you being distracted??  We believe that the millions of distractions in this world from computers, to apps, to smartphones, or even those app games and the sort, are leading marriage down a road to no communication, homes filled with awkward silence, and tension and doubt that can’t be removed. This is opening doors to pornography, secrets and lies and even doubt and mistrust that lead to adultery and the discussions of the possibility of divorce. We must remove the distractions of this world and place our focus back in our marriages, our homes and the lives that are beneficial to the uplifting and up building of our marital kingdom.  Today, try something new! Put the devices down for 30-minutes, maybe even let a call or two go to your voice mail.  Try removing a distracting social media app from your phone for 7-days and see where your focus is.  Remember, this is just your 1st step into being “All in” for your marriage. If your husband/wife wants to join you, then okay, but remember you are the one reading this, so maybe this exercise is uniquely designed for you. Marriage is a daily work that requires both the husband and wife to give up something to gain a better reflection of life and covenant.  Pray for your husband/wife while you allow God to work in and through you. We hope that you too will see what God is doing in your life and marriage and live to give it your best. Lust of any kind begins in the EYES, choose today to clean the EYES of your heart so that you may not LUST after anything that does not have the best interest of your Marriage at heart!110513_2204_Day521days1.jpg

Damask2Today’s Prayer January 11th, 2014- Father in Heaven I come before you this day asking you to show me any distractions that I have in my life that may be hindering me from the love that my husband/wife has for me. Marriage is about the daily dying process and the distraction removal of any idol that may hinder the love that we share together. Father there are so many loud things and so many subtle things that are taking shape and form in many marriages that may be attempting to build a wedge in our lives. Take your light of Truth and shine it from the top of my head to the souls of my feet and reveal to me this day any distractions, lustful thoughts, selfish desires, or anything that is not of you. Reveal this to me this day so that I can repent and seek your face to help align me back into the faith and favor that your presence does to change any place in my life. I love the love that you have for our Marriage, and ask you to show me the areas in which that I need to change. I trust that any changing that needs to happen in me, be done through your instructions and not that of my own. Show me where I need to release my husband/wife onto your altar for any changing that needs to be done in his/her life trusting that you alone are God and you do not need my help. Thank you for a marriage that is built on a solid foundation and for the love that you have for the both of us as your son and daughter. Keep our love at the forefront of our marriage at all times, where our covenant vows will be at the forefront of all we do and say. Make our marriage a marriage that is long-lasting, filled with intimacy, and “knitted” together by your Holy hands ‘til death do us part. In Jesus name I ask this prayer, humbly to you, Amen


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