111213_1919_Day1221day2.jpg We are on the same TEAM! Marriage was designed for us to be one. Many times we support each other as if the hopes and the dreams that we share together are not designed for the two of us as one. Are you supporting your husband’s/wife’s dreams and not thinking that those dreams will affect you too???  Well they will! “You are the light of the, A town built on a hill cannot be hidden” Matthew 5:14 You are the light for your husband/wife, you not only are called to support the love that God created for you both, but you are also called to walk alongside them in the dreams that God has placed in their hearts. Are you walking?? Together????111913_1905_Day1821days3.jpg

110813_1728_Day821days6.jpgIt is apparent that the dreams that are being walked our nowadays are those that are “fleshly”, and “selfish” desires as the world deems appropriate.  As we read in Matthew 5:14, we see that we are the light. Every husband and wife is called to a lesson and purpose that only they can uniquely operate in and through.  Marriage is a platform where plenty of dreams are seen and plenty of dreams are lost, will you have Faith for your dreams today?? Married dreams are those that allow God’s hand to orchestrate, and not those of our own…….. We hope that you will move in and through those dreams together today, and trust that God has both your hearts under His control!   Happy Cleaving!  ~iCleave

#iCleave Marriage Prayer January 8th, 2014Father I trust that the Faith that resides in my heart for the love that I have for my husband/wife is a faith that is indescribable. I realize that the love that was created for us in Marriage was a full reflection of what you had in mind for not only the love shared between man and woman, but the foundational principles for the “FAMILY” as well as the ability to change and infiltrate the “Church”.  I too wish to infiltrate this world with the popularity and selfless sacrifices that Marriage between husband and wife is to individuals today. No longer will I act as if this “ring” on my left hand is just another piece of jewelry. This ring represents the covenant vow I spoke in front of my husband/wife and the covenant that I have with you. Teach me how to stop serving my own selfish desires and to respond in obedience to the needs and instruction uniquely designed for my marriage. I have faith that from this moment forth, the faith and the wisdom that you have planted in my heart will come to harvest in this moment to transform my life and the life that I share with my husband/wife. Teach me how to yield daily to your instructions and to walk upright and humble in your word. This world that we are privileged to live in is confused as to how accepting the decision to be married and to walk in my marriage vows is one of the BEST decisions a believer in Christ could ever make. I accept the challenge to give MARRIAGE a good name and TRUST that with the power that you have placed inside of me, you will be faithful to complete the assignment attached to the love my husband/wife and I share. Thank you for choosing me, and thank you for molding and shaping me into the best Husband/Wife that you will use to advance the Marriage kingdom. I seek and ask this prayer humbly in Jesus name I pray, Amen



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