16Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. ~Matthew 5:16

TrustGodPeriodMany husbands and wives understand with all their hearts and souls that Marriage is forever!  Many of us tend to not walk in the vows that God gave us when we are to place our husband or wife on his altar for mending and change.  Have you been trying to change each other?? Well stop that!  God is the only change-agent in your marriage and you have to Trust His will for your lives, and not that of your own.  There are many verses in the bible which are clear and concise about marriage vows and the clarity of how important  are ability to persevere are important to God’s will.  The vows shared between husband and wife are a reflection of the love Christ had for the church.  Does the love you share for each other represent Christ???  

In Christ We Live as Husband & Wife
In Christ We Live as Husband & Wife

 We understand that even as we unite as one in Love we are required as two individuals to pray and seek God for His will for our lives our Marriage and our true purpose are all wrapped up in our ability to commit to God’s plans for the love that we share as husband and wife. Today, we hope that you will surrender your will to change your husband or your wife, and trust that God knows exactly what He is doing in your both 2014 will bring with it opportunities for us to grow closer as husband and wife, as well as mature in wisdom and knowledge of what God purposed  for our married love.  Choose today, to let God do the mending in your Marriage and trust that His plan is the only plan that works!  Happy Cleaving! 

#iCleave Marriage Prayer ~January 7th, 2014~Glory belongs to God. Our Marriage belongs to God, and the love that I have for my husband/wife belongs to God. Father I am exceedingly grateful for the life and the grace that you show me daily to be the example of a covenant husband/wife committed to my marital vows. I understand that the life that I lead and the faith that I have in you can be transformed into the life that I lead in my marriage, my home, and every single person that I come in contact with daily.  Today I come before you praying and asking that you cover my husband/wife in a special prayer that will soften his/her heart to hear your voice of instruction in his/her life that will enable him/her to be a man/woman who is totally surrendered to you. Father I trust that your light will shine through my selflessness and humility where only your works can be manifested in and through our marriage.  Both my husband/wife and I are still breathing on this earth today because there is a purpose destined for our lives. Teach us how to move and be transformed into all that you called us to be. Help me to NOT be the Holy Spirit in my husband’s/wife’s life, and teach me how to allow you to do your will in his/her life and let go of trying to change him/her according to MY view of his/her life and not that of YOUR will. My husband/wife belongs to you, take my love for him/her and use it to shine a light of grace, peace, forgiveness, and patience, where he/she will only see your hand on his life. Take my love and use it to increase our marital longevity and to be godly examples for our children and our community. If I have hindered your will in his/her life in any way, I ask your forgiveness now, and trust your leading from this moment on, that my marriage, my husband/wife, and my love for You, will be first and foremost daily, and all other priorities and instructions will be accordingly to your timing. God I trust your timing, now more than ever, I ask this prayer humbly in your Son Jesus name, Amen

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