~Daily Marriage Prayer/Day 363 of year 2013~


~December 29th, 2013~

  24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his  mother, and shall cleave     unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. ~Genesis 2:24

Father  thank you for  creating me a person with whom I can share my forever with. Thank you for     my Husband/Wife.  I am so grateful that you created Marriage, the     covenant vow to be shared between man and woman. We stand in prayer for our     marital intimacy today. Many of the world’s lies, make us think     that intimacy can not be created within Married love. I trust and believe     this day for the intimacy that we share as husband and     wife.   This evening, this moment and tonight, I am trusting you     to transform our married bed into that which you created it to be. I     am eager to express our Love and our intimate expression of commitment     to each other under the covering and anointing that resides in our marriage     bed. There are so many images that try to cloud and overshadow the     importance of what Sex is marriage was created to be. Open our minds and     our Hearts to see what you had in mind for married love. As husband and     wife we are committed to sharing our bodies and our love with one another     on a regular basis. Base this type of intimate connection as to what the     other desires, teach me how to be a “giver” of affection and NOT     just a receiver. I want to serve my husband/wife this night.      Teach us how to express our sexual intimacy in a way that is     Selfless. I trust you to continue to show me how to be the     intimate mate that my husband/wife deserves, not comparing my     body, my expressions or my love to anything outside of our covenant vow.  I Love my Husband/Wife, not more than ever. Show me in this moment     expressions that satisfy and transform our love into the most intimate and     precious time that we could ever imagine. Father I pray especially for     those areas in our married bed that have grown stagnant and cold.     Awaken our bodies to receive one another in ways that only our     covenant vows can be expressed. Show us what we can do to serve and  satisfy the other to re-build and restore the POWER that can only be shared     between Husband & Wife in Marriage. Sex is one of the most     important parts of our marital vows as it represents not only a platform of     procreation, but it represents opportunities to extend a love that can     only be shared between he/she and I.  Help us to reignite those     flames that may be burning ever so softly awaiting a breeze or touch that     will illuminate areas like none other.  If there is anything within me     that I am holding on to from this year of 2013 that I need to release, help     me do this now. I realize that in order for me to fully experience the love     of my husband/wife I must LET GO of any images, un-forgiveness,     indiscretions, bad attitudes, that prevent me from giving and receiving the     love of my husband/wife. I honestly release this to you in this moment, so     that I may begin our healthy sex life asking the question, “How     may I serve you??”.      Help us to remember the 1st time we expressed our Love as     husband and wife. Help us to recognize that we cannot be selfish where     married love, sex and intimacy is concerned, and recognize that we can     never neglect one another. This prayer is designed for Husbands &     Wives, and we pray that whether we are NEWLYwed or OLDLYwed we are married     nonetheless,  and  our  Married Bed is undefiled. Change our     lives from this moment forth to reflect the Love that you created for us,      and it is our job to satisfy, serve and keep the sexual fire lit as     Husband & Wife, ’til DEATH do us part, In Jesus Name I pray.     ~Amen

Share this prayer with your Single, Married, or Marriage Ministry Friends here…Your     Marriage is not just ministry, it is a Movement! #TeamMarriage



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