Day 19 ~21-days of “Marriage Points of Power”© ~

~ 21-days of “Marriage Points of Power”© ~
via iCleave© Ministries & the Marriage Concierge™
~ Day 19 ~ “The next 30-minutes”
“I would rather have 30-minutes” of wonderful than a “Lifetime” of nothing special”
Our heading today, is one that includes our favorite quote, and yes we consider marriage is wonderful! How are you spending your wonderful 30-minutes? We spend so much time planning our days, handling our families, giving back to our community and in the hustle and running of the day we haven’t taken 30-minutes to thank our Father for His wonderful blessings. God, what will you do in me today? Listen!
          When was the last time we asked HIM what He wants us to do for Him today. Were we supposed to buy that person in line in front of us a coffee? You know your neighbors son is the same size as your youngest child, are you supposed to pack those extra-clothes up and give them to her, today??? You noticed at work that your co-worker didn’t eat lunch again today, were you suppose to buy it for them?? These are all examples of times that we learn in life that when you surrender your WILL and connect to His will for your lives that there are so many opportunities to give 30 minutes of selfless love that we have to believe God is everywhere. What we like to say is that giving, has no political affiliations, skin color, or religious belief, giving has one unique cohesive connection and that is God. Thirty Minutes. 

In the bible we find in Jesus’ stories when He started in ministry from a young boy and various times in his walk, He always managed to connect with His own 30 minutes of wonderful. He knew that His presence in various situations would change the trajectory of the final outcome. Healings, Lepers, miracles, and wonders, He knew that in the time spent with those who didn’t look like Him or act as He did, that He would benefit from their story. How will you use your next 30*-minutes, Jesus allowed many to be changed forever by his teachings.
                        In our world today we find so many opportunities to serve, but rather turn a blind eye or ignore the situations or even think only of our own families, not willing to give of ourselves selflessly. We have found in service is where all the miracles of the kingdom are found. We can’t take our blessings and sit back counting them and not paying them forward or even share our teachings on how we maneuvered in and out of situations, everybody needs relationship. In our marriages we find that every day we are given a whole new set of Grace to serve one another. We have so many opportunities to serve and teach our children how to benefit from our service examples. Thirty Minutes. 

How will you spend your next Thirty Minutes today? We hope that you will reflect on all that God has brought you through even in this moment. We hope that you will recognize that you have so much to give and that you were chosen to do more in life that what you are doing now. Spend time with God and asking, “what would you have me do”, how do you want me to serve. Be still…..and watch, He’ll lead you into opportunities that will last even longer than Thirty minutes. Choose today to live each day to the fullest, tomorrow is not promised and it is amazing how much a married husband and wife can do in 30-minutes. Teach each other how to cherish the love that you share and honor those in and around you. Faithful covenant vows reveal a trust and commitment to marriage like never before, our prayer is that in all the minutes that you have in this day that you would live in honor of God and then your marriage.

May we pray with and for your marriage today? Father, 30 minutes, is nothing compared to our life that you have chosen for us in eternity. Thank you for taking time for us each day orchestrating opportunities for us to serve your people. We stand today asking for guidance in the ways that you would have us serve the kingdom. We thank you for blessing our lives more abundantly, and thank you for an opportunity to walk in a total life of surrender. Let these next 30 minutes be an opportunity for our lives to reflect the everlasting guidance that your life and your ways are reflected within the 66 book the bible. We stand together linked as Husband and Wife, prepared to serve, to serve those who need a smile, a hug, or even a silent prayer. Thank you for surrender, thank you for faith and thank you father for living in and through everyone in and around our lives…………Amen
~We are always here praying for you both. Have a specific request for your marriage, email us:
we would love to add those to our daily prayer for your marriages. ~
 “Marriage created by God for one man & one woman. Join the movement your obedience pleases God!”


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