Day 14 ~ 21-days of “Marriage Points of Power”©~

~ 21-days of “Marriage Points of Power”© ~
via iCleave© Ministries & the Marriage Concierge™
~Day14~ Forgiving the Past

The past should not be a place where we live, but a place where we take & embrace something we learn. God says we must seek him for deliverance, walk in His ways proclaiming His truth, and then we will find freedom from our past…… 

In marriage it is paramount that you pray for each other as you walk daily in your marriage. Husbands & Wives are filled with many childhood hurts, disappointments that may show-up in marriage.
Cover your spouse in prayer daily, declaring that the Love & comfort of God’s Hope fill you two with patience. Remember…….. your past, his past, her past cannot be changed, & the patience to accept the ability to start a New path together starts today…….

“Marriage Works, you two … take a Stand together, to do the work and make a significant difference in your life, your children and the generations for years to come!

~We are always here praying for you both. Have a specific request for your marriage, email us:,   We would love to add those to our daily prayer for your marriages. ~

“Marriage created by God for one man & one woman join the movement, your obedience pleases God!”


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