Day 8 ~ 21-days of “Marriage Points of Power”©~

~ 21-days of “Marriage Points of Power”© ~

via iCleave© Ministries & The Marriage Concierge

~Day 8~

Many Marriages are hanging on by a thread hoping and trusting that something GOOD will come out of their own efforts! Here at iCleave, even in our own marriage, we learned that prayer in marriage cannot be taken lightly. We were experiencing hard times, and confusion and even some night’s that were coupled with silence, but the one thing we learned to do “under our breath” or behind closed doors was to pray.  Prayer was the “love language” that could only be heard by God.  Early on in our marriage, it was small children, job responsibilities, and what we imagined as our “unique” position as husband and wife for a marriage that we thought was our idea. We realized that in everything God was in all of it! As husband and wife, we were so busy that we never truly had time to give Him thanks for all He had done in and through our lives. Failure to do this resulted in us becoming stagnant in our worship, and lazy in our praise. As time went on, we found that as the schedules became a bit open, and the children became more mature that God was bringing us as Husband and Wife closer, and closer together.  This was no easy task, since we both were still VERY selfish. Oh, but what a mighty God we serve………

Marriage was created by God, so that He could get the Glory in and through it all.Many husbands and wives have taken Marriage lightly, and placed it on a shelf or even participated temporarily and then decided, I’ll do something else. Marriage is a commitment, it is a LIFE-LONG covenant commitment that is NOT going to be days filled with ice-cream and cake every day. Marriage takes work. Marriage at any given point and time, only needs one willing person daily to give of themselves selflessly to the other. This fact alone as surprised many marriages, to find out that God will make it so that the both of you become selflessly giving together, at the same time, what Joy!! In our own marriage we realized that we couldn’t get our way ALL the time, and someone had to be the Bigger person.  We knew that if our Marriage was going to work we had to change some things………and it had to be done QUICK!

We didn’t begin by praying together, or doing a grandiose bible-study or fasting time. Actually how it all began was amazingly simple. We were inundated with the hustle and bustle of our small home, two small children, and a “egotistical” selfish spirit to be right! We were sure that one of us would holler out in frustration, “flag on the play”, (we are avid football fans, HA!) or cry “Uncle”, in defeat of giving it all up because the chaos was too much for two people to handle. “Have you ever felt this way?” Good keep reading…….. For anyone who is a parent, you know what chaos in a married household with children can cause. We sum it up to be a zoo! Our prayer time started with one of us making an effort to be the bigger person. We didn’t know whether the other was praying or not, and frankly with all of that chaos we didn’t care!! In our owb way, we believed and trusted that God would do what He wanted to do in our Marriage if we surrendered and handed the other person over to God’s hands for him to do the work. In our hearts we trusted God to work His miracle-working magic like only HE could do, and that is how our Prayers began.

In praying for one another we decided to share our prayer time with married couples all over the world. Our Daily Marriage Prayers are not anything that is scripted or even planned out. We seek God in all that we are doing and even what we are experiencing. We send them out in email in 1st person, so that you can make them personal for your own lives. We are taking it one day at a time in our Marriage like we know all of you are too. God is truly bringing Marriage back, and restoring Love in Husbands & Wives like never before. We hope that something we say, or pray, is having a true affect in and through your married love. Realize that Marriage is a Selfless decision that you BOTH made “til Death do you Part”.  

So, if you are not signed up for our ~Daily Marriage Prayers~ join us! ~ Not only are we praying for your Marriage, but this will give you some helpful insight on how you can pray for those around you too!

We love this work that God has entrusted us to, and humbly ask, if you both know anyone who could use the prayers, but HATE emails send them the link to our FACEBOOK
page we update our feed daily with the prayers so that many husbands and wives can pray in their own quiet time for their married love.

Thank you for thinking of us, and maybe your marriage is just the “fresh” example of love needed in those circles in and through your lives. We hope that you will gain even more Hope, Trust and insight into the power of God’s love for marriage! Take the challenge with us over the next 21-days, and transform the life and future of your marriage, Many are still conflicted as to their unique position in Marriage and many are attempting to base their days and change the pathology of marriage from your childhood, to God’s unique idea and insight as to how your marriage will work. Let Him speak to you through prayer and supplication, Ask….Seek…Knock…and watch Him open the door of your eyes to blessings and miracles of love that you and your husband/wife could have never imagined!

Praying for you BOTH always

~ iCleave Ministries 


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