The “needs”, we need for our Marriage……….

Many Marriages today are suffering from the “idea” that as Husband and Wife they are no longer compatible. Have you questioned whether you are still the attractive person for your husband? Are you wondering whether your wife can still provide for your every need?

What happened to our Irresistibility???

Marriage is the ability to love one another selflessly, this means not thinking of our own needs but truly seeking our spouse’s needs for their marriage. Husbands and Wives are abandoning the research and the time that it takes to build a Marriage that requires one another to be truthful with their feelings and to find out what matters most in the other person’s life. At iCleave Ministries we build marriages up by making sure that Husbands and Wives understand the importance of their individual responsibility. When was the last time you checked your responsibility as a faithful Husband or Wife??? You were once irresistible to your Marriage, there were times when you knew you were in the right place at the right time and now you have abandoned and forgotten what matters most, the other person. There are many times in life where we forget and are distracted by what the world says about Husbands and Wives. Marriage is still popular friend. Your Marriage is still popular, you just need to work on it a bit more. Find out what is going on with your Husband/Wife. Have you prayed for them lately? We’re not asking you to go down on bended knee or lay hands upon his head, for a miraculous healing, (although we know some days this may be necessary to keep your sanity), but just a silent prayer of Thanks. Thanking God that you are not alone. Thanking God that He has blessed you with a mate that although she is not perfect, (remember you aren’t either), but that you have someone to share your life with forever.


This is the start of grateful irresistibility. Choose today to make sure that you check in with your husband/wife to make sure that there is nothing that He/She needs. Communication and the area of love can grow when you die to your ways and be transformed to the new way of Marriage. As a man and woman, God knows that you both are dedicated to your Marriage, but the work towards your married love begins when you both understand what is needed to fulfill the needs of your husband/wife.

Choose today to love again, Choose today to date again, choose today to Trust again, Marriage takes two. Stop depending on your way and find out what your wife/husband needs!


Happy Research!

~iCleave Ministries


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