~iCleave Ministries & The Marriage Concierge~


           For the past 2 ½ years The Marriage Concierge, has been operating in a selfless act of Faith! Praying and interceding for married Husbands and Wives all over the world!  We believe that God’s hand is on the lives of Husbands & Wives, and that marriage is still Popular!  Our faith & efforts are built solely upon Genesis 2:24, and our mission in ministry is derived  from God’s true word!  Many have emailed, sent Instagram and Facebook posts asking who we are and how they can partner with us as we stand for Marriage! 
1Man & 1Woman, the only way that God created Marriage to be instituted, and the only commitment that is bound by a covenant vow. Over the next couple of months we will move into transforming our ministry, introducing you to our Founders, and planning events in and around your city!  As we transition, here are some things that you can look forward to: ~Daily Marriage Prayers~ – Our daily prayers that are emailed to  single, engaged, and married Husbands & Wives in and around the country via email! Millions are being saved and marriages are being restored by these daily prayers and we BELIEVE God for restoration of many, many, Millions more! ~Marriage Motivations~ – Our monthly newsletter dedicated to encouraging Husbands & Wives with Marriage, Spirituality, Finances, Faith, & Marriage Events. We have received many messages from bloggers, couples, and members, who are eager to share their testimonies, marriage advice, and personal stories that will build a marriage movement that will change the world! Our monthly newsletter ensures that you and your city are informed of events that our Ministry will be sponsoring and Husband & Wife Retreats that are uniquely tailored for your State! We are always looking for men & women who are eager to be included as article writers, bloggers and content contributors. Be on the lookout for submission requests at our events. ~iCleave Ministries~  Our core Ministry partnership! iCleave Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing selfless services to men & women who seek to become and be transformed  into faithful Husbands & Wives. We seek to restore and encourage, pray and build healthy godly Marriages all over the World! iCleave Ministries believes that God is at the center of ALL Marriages and that marriage was God’s idea. ~Genesis224 Apparel™ ~  iCleave! If you are a faithful Husband & Wife, you do NOT want to be left out of this great opportunity to show how important YOUR marriage is to the Kingdom. Get your iCleave Tee today!!   http://www.icleaveministries.com
We are excited that you are here with US! Many marriages are suffering and looking for a fresh and true support system that understands what MARRIAGE truly means to the kingdom. The Marriage Concierge, and iCleave Ministries is that resource. As God continues to transform our ministry into what God called us to be, please keep us in your prayers.  Thank you to the hundreds of thousands of words of encouragement, prayer requests, and congratulations. We are eager and ready to walk in God’s conformation of what is yet to come. Marriage Matters. As  FAITHFUL husbands and wives, your marriage longevity is our specialty.  So many great things ahead. We can’t wait to meet & greet you in a city near you! Take a moment, and update your information here Email Updates, so that you can receive iCleave Ministry updates, Marriage Retreat dates, and Marriage Resources!
We Love & appreciate each and every one of YOU! Share us with your Single, Engaged, and Married Friends! God’s Vision for your Marriage is coming to pass…..Join Us!!!  Blessings & Praying for your BOTH always,  
~ The Marriage Concierge & iCleave Ministries~
If you enjoy our Marriage Prayers, tell us how much on our FACEBOOK or TWITTER pages. God is doing great things in the lives of Husbands & Wives, and we want you to be a part of this Marriage Movement! Keep Praying, God is pleased with your obedience!
~The Marriage Concierge Team~
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